sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010

Freedom and Love

I’m here again... Lonely, stuck and completely in love. I still here, wondering someone to come and make me free. But I’m happy to be here, behind this tree, looking to the sky and seeing me flying. Her wings beating synchronously and her feathers being mixed by the wind.
            Oh! I haven’t said yet… She is the most beautiful fallen angel that I ever saw – and the most fearless one. She flies near to the taller walls, being in danger to be arrested here too. But she is very different than the angels that I sow in church’s draw. Her wings aren’t white, her hair isn’t curly blond, her cheeks aren’t naturally pink, her eyes aren’t blue and she doesn’t use a piece of fabric as clothe.
            She is shorter than me but she has the same height from some girls. Her wings are so big and make her seem to be a little dangerous-and strong. And her skin is pale white, her eyes are light gray and her wings are deep black. Her hair fall over her back on a shine black, with layers cut.
            Somehow-that I obviously don’t know- I could feel the wind that beats in her body. It’s strange, because I’m a spirit and I can’t fly, but I could feel the wind that beats on HER and the illusion that I was free. But I’m a prisoner and I just can be saved if an angel hug me and take me out of here.
            How I wonder the day that she will see me and fly inside, just to take me out, but… Can an angel touch a spirit? But even if she couldn’t, I will be pleased because she tried and it is what really matter. I won’t ask her to stay. It isn’t just because I love her that I have the right to ask her to give up her freedom.
            One day, when I went to the forest to see her, I notice that she stopped to fly and look down, and I knew that she realize what have under the place that she flies, a prison. And I make stand on end… just because she was looking at me with her light gray eyes.
            The next day, she was there again, looking at me. She makes a little smile, the pale pink lips turning into a curve. And her hair was dancing with the wind, flying behind her. She did exactly what I didn’t expect… She dive on the sky in my direction, perching near to the forest and walking to my direction.
            Somehow I knew that she wonder to save me. And I knew just that, nothing else. Because as near she got to me as bewitched I got with her half-celestial beauty. I just wake up to the world when she tried to put the hand on me, and it cross my body. She tried again, and again it happened. And I look to her eyes and I knew that she was as sad as possible.
            She wonders to save me and I wondered to be saved by her. But all I have being afraid, happened. We couldn’t touch each other, because she would cross my body and I would cross hers.
            As I have said before, I couldn’t ask her to stay. I haven’t the right to make she give up on something to stay with the other. So, something that I call “my heart” starts to get small and hurt. And I make a cry sound. She look at me, asking me to not cry. She turned back to me and takes some steps, like if it helps to make a decision. She turned me again and I knew that she would never fly, just to stay with me.
-              - You don’t have to do this You can’t give up on your freedom! I know you love to fly!
-              - But I don’t want to fly, if I haven’t a motive to come back to the place I was.

Beatriz Hirata

ACT 1, Skill Vila Formosa, Teacher Jorge

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